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GNOME equivalent of kpat's Grandfather?


I have weird request: my wife constantly occupies my computer 
with KDE and Debian, because she just loves Grandfather game in 
kpat (not Grandfather's Clock!). However, for many small (and 
reasonable) reasons she does want to stay with Windows XP for 
some more time. I do not know, if anybody ported kpat to 
Windows, but AisleRiot from Gnome is ported 
(http://www.eva-01.jp/~eva-01/winsol/), so I thought that it 
would be easier to download one. Does anybody know whether there 
is an equivalent of Grandfather (not Grandfather's Clock, which 
is available all over the Internet in Windows solitaires) in 

Sorry for slightly OT question,


Matej Cepl, http://www.ceplovi.cz/matej
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