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KDE3.2 bugs


I installed the unoffical KDE3.2 debian packages from 


on friday and I found two bugs:

First, some programs like kcontrol and the kdepim applications (kmail, 
kontact, ..., maybe others, too) do not show up in the KDE start menu.

Second, if you add applications to the KDE start menu with the menu editor, it 
is not possible to change the icon.

I don't know if the second bug is a debian or a kdebug. Maybe someone who has 
compiled KDE3.2 from source, can check that and file a bug report, if it is a 
KDE3.2 bug.

(I realize that new versions of the KDE3.2 packages showed up and maybe these 
bugs are already fixed, but I have no chance to check before tonight when I 
am back at home from work).

Take care,

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