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Re: Re: konqueror/desktop user settings

>There is no smart way :)

>We are working on similar stuff here with our Thin Client server stuff here, 
>but the problem is that their are lots of settings in .kde which have the 
>complete paths embedded..

>IE when you set up, you can set a user to have defautl email addresses and 
>the like.. One day this should be a project 
>Currently we have a bunch of scripts which update all the users home 
>directories..  and the configuration files inside of .kde, and a bunch of 
>sedding needs to be done..

>You can do this with a default template, but once you customize, trying to do 
>a cp -a and chmod aren't going to work anymore..

>We should have some kind of way to register individuals user settings 
>Each app that stores information in .kde should use path variables at least..
>We still aren't really sure of a better way to deal with this, but globally 
>updating users is a pain the way things stand now..  Maybe the template 
>concept needs to be escalated, so that you can have certain settings in .kde 
>that can't be overridden...  If all users say had country/language set by the 
>template user, then only the template user should have to be changed.
>This way you could also lock down things like background settings, clock 
>settings etc.. and save a lot of administration headaches..

>Like when users loose their file associations, or when you want to lock down 
>java settings, et al.  Currently no real way to restore a persons settings 
>unless you take .kde from backup, or reset them up from scratch.

>We're trying to use the template user approach here, and create the .kde 
>directories as much as possible to the template user's settings, which they 
>don't have permission to change. Then you can log into template, and update 
>everyone's background at the same time, or change everyone's proxy settings 
>in konqueror etc..

I apologise for replying with so much delay, but I didn't subscribe debian-kde 
ML so I coulnd' read your answer.

I'm not sure I've understood your point.
Do you mean that copying .kde to /etc/skel is no worth ?
(...a lot of "fine-tuning" must be done)

Thanks for your time.

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