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Re: KDE and root login

From: "Paul Johnson" <baloo@ursine.ca>

> On Mon, Oct 27, 2003 at 01:47:47PM +0100, Dieter Wilkens wrote:
> > Just installed debian 3.0 with X-Server. after a reboot the system comes up
> > with the GNOME Desktop Manager and I try to chose 'KDE' as session and wan't
> > to login with my root account.
> No!  DO NOT do this!  Use su -m or sudo instead, once logged in as a
> normal user.  Read the archives before asking, this is asked about
> once every other week.

It isn't, though it is a FAQ, but if it's so important that you need to be
warned with caps and exclamations, why does KDM let you login to KDE as root?

I almost never use KDE as root, sudo (and kdesu for gui stuff)  is my friend,
but once in a while it is useful.

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