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Re: Install KDE from unstable

El 26/Oct/2003 a las 19:50:24, Gary James escribió:
> I am trying to install KDE from the unstable branch onto Woody. When I 
> apt-get kde or kdebase I get dependency errors. I think I have taced it 
> down to a dependency for ksysguardd. When I try to apt-get ksysguardd the 
> following line is displayed:
> ksysguardd: Depends: libsensors-1debian1 but is not installable
> E: Broken packages
> Any thoughts on how to solve this. Also, I an new to Linux and Debian so 
> particulars are appreciated.

Well, first, you can't install kde from unstable in woody as the ABI for
those packages changed with the use of g++ 3.2 in sid. Debian woody uses
g++ 2.95 so they are incompatible.

What you should do is install the packages the fine folks at
http://www.kde.org prepared for Debian woody and follow the instructions.

Having that said, you can get more info about the libsensors issue at the
Debian KDE FAQ at: http://wiki.debian.net/?DebianKDE but, again, only in

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