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Re: KDE font woes


On Saturday 25 October 2003 17:06, Wolfgang Mader wrote:
> One question in general. There is not one weak without a font problem under
> KDE. I have no idea, thats the reason why I ask. Is it so hard to implement
> fonts properly into KDE?  And is this a KDE or a debian specific problem?

1. You are using debian sid, I guess.

2. Debian sid had its global default font configuration changed, read /etc/

3. The problems are not KDE-specific, they are mostly X-specific, but KDE/QT 
had and has (because it wasn't availlable in X at that time) its own font 
altialiasing settings. You must choose to use one of them ;)

4. Implementing fonts, not only under KDE, _is_ hard to implement. There are 
many very buggy fonts out there and coping with all the errors is a bit 

5. Fonts under Linux have always been a hassle. Look, there are LaTeX fonts, 
bitmap fonts in several flavors, Type 1 Fonts, Truetype fonts. Plus, font 
designers tend to make non-GPL-conformant licenses. This has a deep impact on 
font development as well.

6. IDuring the last years, people had to learn that traditional Font 
Antialiasing usually looks really crappy on TFT displays. This is what the 
relatively young subpixel rendering thingies are about. Windoze uses 
ClearType for that on XP and shows a long nose to anyone using another MS 
operating system. If it just looks crappy on a TFT, you are encouraged to buy 
XP ;)

7. (related to 1.) If you want a not-instaltly-changing system, do not use 
sid. It's debian unstable and thus (from time to time) an experimentation 

If you want sid, be brave,
Thomas Ritter

"Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary 
safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."  - Benjamin Franklin

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