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Bug instructions on the wiki

I notice the wiki http://wiki.debian.net/index.cgi?DebianKDE continues
to say 

"If you see a bug and it is not packaging related (i.e. you know its a
programming error), file the bug at the KDE bts website
(http://bugs.kde.org) not the Debian BTS, unless it is release

In view of the previous discussion of this issue, and Debian policy as
I understand it (only second hand), shouldn't this be removed?
Obviously maintainers should continue to focus first on
release-critical bugs.

If developers are swamped, it might be appropriate to note on the page

"If you think a bug is upstream, you might want to report it there
directly for faster action.  Please add the upstream bug number to
your debian report as well."

Judging the source of a bug is, of course, problematic for an

Also, previous posters have pointed out that upstream may not be so
receptive to bug reports, since problems can always be attributed
(sometimes accurately) to "packaging."  Does anyone know specifically
what KDE's policy or practice is in this regard?

I'd like to thank Chris and the other developers for all their hard
work in packaging KDE (and also, I think in some cases, for developing
KDE to begin with).  I appreciate their sticking with it in the face
of nasty compiler problems and other unexpected surprises.  Thanks
also to the new people who just stepped up to help out.

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