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Re: Debian bugs belong to the Debian BTS

Adrian Bunk wrote:
> reopen [...]
> it's your responsibility as a Debian maintainer to handle bugs in your 
> packages.

That was not really friendly verbalized, but he's got a point. One of the main 
reasons of Bug tracking databases is to annoy developers, so they fix it, but 
they also tell _users_ an error is known, and the error is not the users 
fault. Knowing something does not work is better than searching, searching, 

There is a bug tag named "upstream" [1] for errors which will be addressed in 
later versions of the program. Generally, the debian bug policy says not to 
close the bug until the error is gone. That's a good idea. And doing it 
consequently means to re-file reports in cases of repackaging.
However, this is a good load of unsexy work and Christopher already does a lot 
of that, I guess...

Thomas Ritter

[1] http://www.debian.org/Bugs/Developer

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