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processtable crashes


I have compiled kde 3.1.4 from source (whoa it took a looong time :))
I thought now everything is shiny and cool. Then I started (Ctrl+Esc) the processtable to see what's going on. I wanted to see which process eats all my cpu time, so I clicked the User% column, to sort the numbers. Then kde stopped responding for about 5-10 secs, and I got a (approx.) 100x50 grey box with dotts (really :) on the top left corner of my kde, and it covered every application, and window. After I wait for 5-10 secs, the mouse cursor moved again, and I could close the processtables with the 'X', and start to clean my desktop. I execute an app, with a window, and I start to clear the grey box (like with the rubber in gimp :). When I installed the precomp bins from download.kde.org, this processtable worked just fine :)
Anybody else has this problem too?



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