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konqueror krashing due to ~/.kde funnies ... once more

everyone remember how konqueror used to crash when there were
double bookmarks?

well, i got something very similar now. but i checked the
bookmarks with my program (i mailed that to the list) and they
turned out ok. i also started over with a fresh ~/.kde, and that
helped for some hours, but now it is back to crashing. i _did_
copy all my bookmarks into the new .kde dir, and i could even use
them for a while.

when the error manifests, konqueror freezes right at the first
http:// request made. the window buttons do not react any more,
and i have to kill the xresources with the small skull
(Ctrl-Alt-Esc) to get rid of the remains. If i remember correctly
konqueror used to crash at closing time with the multiple
bookmarks bug. 

has anyone seen this and have a hunch what it could be this time?
... i would not have expected those double bookmarks to be a
problem back then!

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