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Re: All KDE apps crash immediately

On Monday 13 October 2003 19:08, Martin Braun wrote:
> I freshly installed debian stable/woody this weekend, nothing big
> installed yet except for X4.1.0 and a few apps I need.
> Next, I installed KDE (I followed the instructions on wiki.debian.org).
> But all KDE apps crash immediately. I can only see the KDE crash report
> for a split second (I had to make a well timed screenshot to figure out
> what it was).
> Has anyone experienced anything similar? I haven't found anything in the
> lists/newsgroups.

I'm using testing/unstable and since an upgrade about 2 weeks ago I have the 
same Problem. 

If I delete the whole /tmp dir (as root rm -r .* *) the problem vanishes.

It only reappears if I switch to a console while running X (with Ctrl-Alt-F*).


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