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Re: How do I install KDE 3.*?

Am Sonntag, 12. Oktober 2003 14:25 schrieb Christoph Safferling:
> Quoting Robert Tilley <tilleyrw@cfl.rr.com>:
> > I'm running Debian unstable and when I select kdebase for installation
> > in aptitude, a message comes back that the package ksysguardd is broken
> > because the dependent module libsensors-1debian1 is unavailable.
> > Therefore, kdebase in uninstallable.  What can I do to install kde?
> This has been asked about 20 times already. Try the following link (search
> in google for "install KDE debian unstable", the first hit):

Yes, but would it be that hard to simply upload working meta-packages (e.g. 
not depending on ksysguard)? ksysguard is not an essential application.


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