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Re: Programmer for hire

On Tuesday 07 October 2003 16:41, Bob Tilley (AT&T) wrote:
> I would like to wet my feet in the Open Source pool.  Can anyone
> suggest any needy Projects?  I can do C, C++, Pascal, Assembly, etc.
> and would like to put my talents to work to give something back to the
> Community that has given my desktop so much.

I fully agree with David Bishop that you should find yourself a project 
you have personal interest in.
This is necessary to keep motivated through the bring inital phase where 
you very likely have to dig through lots of code other peopl wrote.

I like Dominique Devriese's suggestion to look at some Debian project.
There is always some work that is in the responsibility of the 
distributor, for example providing GUI frontends for system 
configuration, and in Debian, we are the distributor(s).

Kevin Krammer <kevin.krammer@gmx.at>
Developer at the Kmud Project http://www.kmud.de/

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