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Re: [OT] Re: Spam because of this list

Well, I'm kind of bummed out about the whole thing now. Chris's point is 
correct that there are other places where debian-kde is archived and that 
getting everyone to change en masse would be difficult to do.

I don't have any faith in anti-spam legislation. There's no way laws can stop 
spam. It's like pornography, religions, drugs and guns. The more you try to 
regulate it, the less you'll succeed at stopping it. Spam is a problem 
created by technology that can only be solved by it.

On Monday 06 October 2003 08:19 pm, Michael Peddemors wrote:
> Again, as mentioned by many people, if you don't want Spam, use and ISP
> service that provides Spam blocking.. If you can't use an ISP with that
> service, buy a POP address from any of the ISP's that sell just POP
> mailboxes with full Anti-Spam features..  (Usually about $5/month) This is
> an issue of Spamming, and not of this list, or especially the topic of this
> list.
> I know that new legislation is being proposed in most countries, to ensure
> that ISP's help to control Spam, both incoming and outgoing.
> And asking the list to control Spam, well.. It's like the old argument..
> Police shouldn't tell people to put dead bolts on doors; really what we
> should be working towards.... people should be able to leave their doors
> open.. It's the thieves that are at fault, not the home owners, and that's
> where our emphasis should be...
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