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Re: kppp problem

On Monday 06 October 2003 13:03, Zbynek Vrastil wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've following problem: I'm using kppp to connect to internet. It works
> perfectly when logged as root. But when I'm logged in as normal user, pppd
> dies with exit status 16 (modem hanged up) when checking username and
> password. I suppose, there's some problem with access permissions, but I've
> no idea where to look. Thanks in advance.

a) check that the user user that the kppp user is a member of the
   group dip.

b) kppp tries to add auth info to /etc/ppp/{pap,chap}-secrets.
   That's only possible as root.  Therefore I made kppp setuid root
   (as it was for KDE 2).

     dpkg-statoverride --update --add root dip 4754 /usr/bin/kppp

   You have to decide yourself if this is safe or a security hole.

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