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Re: kde menu - software entries

On Monday 06 October 2003 13:37, Martin Wegmann wrote:
> Hello,
> I cleaned up my kde menu a few days ago but I was too good ;-) now several
> entries like Office (OO+Koffice) dissappeared totaly.
> How do I obtain these entries again? Adding own subfolders and inserting
> packages with the appropriate command? or is there a more "sophisticated"
> way?
> I think I saw a tool somewhere/sometimes which searched for all installed
> packages and displayed them - the user could add them afterwards to the
> kde-menu.

kappfinder is good for pulling menus for non kde applications. Also, if youve 
accidentially deleted something, go into ~/.kde/share/applnk/ and remove the 
related files there. Run kbuildsycoca and it will resynchronise with the 
system menu.

Hope this helps.


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