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Re: What's current status of KDE in Sid?

--- Ricardo Galli <gallir@uib.es> wrote:
> > > Which doesn't mean it's in a good status. But the opposite.
> >
> > Ricardo - You say that it is in "the opposite of good status".
> >
> > Do you mean:
> >
> > 1) That some extra steps beyond normal are required to _install_ it? 
> > (As Paul indicated.) Or,
> Yes, there are some wrong dependencies in kdebase and kdemultimedia (it 
> seems due to a bad NMU)

Oh.  Too bad.  :(   But, good to be aware of.  :)

So, it seems you are saying that there are some extra steps (besides what
Paul indicated) that are _required_ to be done to get KDE installed on Sid,
in consideration of these problems in kdebase & kdemultimedia.  If that is
true, what are those extra steps?
> > 2) That even when installed, using the extra steps, KDE on Debian (Sid)
> > is not functioning properly?

> The Sid version is perfectly usable, with some annoyances. 

Thanks.  :)

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