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Re: kde-multimedia Broken?

On Wednesday 01 October 2003 13:55, Randy Kramer wrote:
> Couldn't help but comment -- that's the kind of answer I like, one that
> takes you to a good source of information and helps people get at least one
> idea of what wikis are good for.

The wiki is good, but they notoriously edit the page so you have no guarantee 
that the info you got today is there tomorrow. Not so good for people 
entering "some time later", but the diff give a bit help, if you understand 
output of diff.

In principle, debian-user and debian-kde mailing lists could be totally 
replaced with that wiki. I have backlogs of email in both lists, and most 
likely every 3 months the same questions show up again, and every time it is 
like 5 or 6 threads on commenting the comments. Searching the mailing lists 
give loads of hits in quoted mails and that is *really* boring stuff.

Nothing against the mailinglists, but a wiki is better since you can crosslink 
the documents.

I stopped reading comp.lang.tcl after I discovered The tcl'ers wiki as a newbe 
tcl programmer. Now, long time after my first questions, I can still go back 
and check the answers I got. Only problem with the wiki is that there are 
quite different systems out there and many of them have different syntax, but 
hell, they have a syntax. That's more than one can say about email. (And with 
the increasing number of support emails from microsoft I barely use email 

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