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Re: When's kvim going to be updated?

On Wednesday 01 Oct 2003 3:43 pm, Ben Burton wrote:
> > > Somebody update kvim, TODAY!!!
> >
> >  give chris a break
> Well, FWIW Chris isn't responsible for kvim anyway:
>   bab@espresso:~> apt-cache show kvim
>   Package: kvim
>   ...
>   Maintainer: Mickael Marchand <marchand@kde.org>
> b.

I owe Doug Holland and everyone on the list an apology. I am sorry I jumped on 
on you without checking but it was 1:45 in the morning my time and I was 
doing something important so I just snapped and shot my mouth off. I get 
annoyed when people make demands on debian and its devlopers, even more so 
when using unstable, which - as the name Implies - contains bugs and 

sorry again
Peter Nuttall  peter@nuttall.ukfsn.org

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