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Re: KDE 2.2 -> 3.1 broke (some) sound

On Monday 29 September 2003 20:01, Bradley T Files wrote:
> Yes.  That seems to be the problem.  However, when I use dselect to choose
> the xmmsarts package, deselect wants to remove all my kde apps.  Maybe I
> need to go elsewhere to find a newer xmmsarts Debian package.

just apt-get source xmmsarts and do a dpkg-buildpackage, it's not that hard.

> John Spray wrote:
> > Bradley T Files wrote:
> >> Sound works fine for KDE desktop events but XMMS now seems broken.
> >
> > Which output plugin are you using?  Preferences->Output plugin.  It may
> > have previously been configured as Arts, but reverted to OSS.  If you
> > have no option for Arts, you may need to install the xmms-arts package.
> >
> > John Spray

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