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re: aa font probs in kde 3.1.4 woody

hey all,
		after a nasty apt accident :) I had to reinstall KDE 3.1.4 for woody, I got 
KDE working again only now I can't get AA Fonts to work in KDE.
http://mobtek.customer.netspace.net.au/snapshot1.png <-- !! warning LARGE png 
In the above screenshot you can see xterm using AA Fonts and everything else 
supposedly using AA Fonts for KDE. Which they aren't because they look awful.
Everything seems normal with XFree86 4.3.0 (4.3.0-0ds2.0.0), in .qt etc and 
before I had the apt accident I had AA Fonts working a-ok with kde and the 
same version of X.
Where should I be looking to fix AA Fonts for kde? 

Cheers Peter van der Male

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