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Re: KDE3.1.3 status?

Am Samstag, 23. August 2003 22:22 schrieb Chris Cheney:
>  I am planning on making one
> more upload for the sarge release around Sept 5.  I am currently waiting
> on Martin/Ralf to upload Qt 3.2.  As everyone should know by now sarge
> goes into freeze around Sept 15.

What is the current status? It is Sept. 14, QT-3.2.1 is in unstable.
However, no corrected version of kdelibs4 is there and it does not look like 
QT-3.2.1 going into testing.
Either the freeze on Sept. 15 is not absolute or we'll be with no KDE in Sarge 
as KDE-2.2.2 is unlikely to stay there.
So what's the current status?


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