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Re: No KDE widgets in Qt Designer

On Wednesday 10 September 2003 21:08, Michael Thaler wrote:
> Hello,
> > Are you running woody as your base system with sid backports, or a full
> > sid system?  Its just that a lot of people have problems with the back
> > ports.
> No, I am running SID. I also installed the Debian KDE CVS packages on
> another partition and Qt Designer does not show me any KDE widgets,
> too. It would be nice to fix that, because I am working on a KDE app
> and I would like to use Qt Designer for the dialogs.
> Thanks
> Michael

I have the same problem, also installed the KDE CVS packages and now back to 
using SID.  I do the following: if you want to work in QT Designer, make a 
symlink like this: 

tom@tompie:~$ cat /usr/bin/addkdewidgetslink
ln -s /usr/lib/kde3/plugins/designer/kdewidgets.so /usr/lib/qt3/plugins/

and if you want to compile your stuff in gideon for example, to prevent it 
from showing lots of output about "... is already in ..." then you should 
remove the link again:

tom@tompie:~$ cat /usr/bin/removekdewidgetslink
rm /usr/lib/qt3/plugins/designer/kdewidgets.so

Don't know if this will work for you, but it does for me :-)

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