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Re: kdm

On 08.Sep 2003 - 12:02:56, emorfin@caracol.red.cinvestav.mx wrote:
> hi!
> i have a problem in woody: I installed it in a ibm thinkpad A31, but xfree 
> (4.1.0) wasn't working because the video card (radeon M6) is not 
> supported, so i went to xfree86.org and download 4.3.0 version, and 
> installed it (with Xinstall.sh).

And X11 4.2 does not do the job? For X11 4.2 there are deb's for
example from Adrian Bunk and AFAIK someone even has deb's for 4.3
(Daniel Stone I think). The sources.list Lines can be found at

I suggest you get Debian packages for X11 instead of installing it
from Source.

> All is working ok, except kdm. In /var/log/kdm.log:
> /usr/bin/kdm: relocation error: /usr/bin/kdm: undefined symbol:
> _XdmcpWrapperToOddParity
> I'm using kde with gdm, but i would like to use kdm.
> Any idea?

Get KDE-sources and recompile it against X11 4.3, that is the only
possibility, if you don't want to look for Packages.


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