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Re: Pinentry

On Monday 08 September 2003 14:57, Amit Shah wrote:
> On Monday 08 Sep 2003 17:59, Tom Badran wrote:
> > Is it me or are the pinentry (specifically gtk) programs not in debian
> > sid? Does this mean its impossible to set up a working kmail with
> > gpg/mime just using unstable packages?
> I'm using gpg/mime with kmail on unstable just fine. apt-cache search for
> me doesn't show pinentry packages, so I guess it isn't needed... try gpgsm,
> probably it'll work using that (I have it installed).

Are you sure? This specific message was inline GPG signed, not PGP/MIME.

I have hand-compiled pinentry (no problem at all - but I agree it's time this 
ITP is fulfilled).

-- vbi

sendmail: a nice OS, but lacks a decent MTA

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