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Re: Instaling KDE 3

My bad. Before point 4 below, you should do apt-get update and apt-get 
upgrade. That should upgrade bash, xine and maybe a couple of other packages. 
After that you should be ok. If that doesn't solve your problem please send 
error messages you are geting.

Good luck,

On September 7, 2003 15:01, Miguel Corbella wrote:
> I'm trying to install kde 3.1.3 from :
> deb http://download.kde.org/stable/3.1.3/Debian stable main
> but when I do : apt-get install kdebase ..... system gave me a lot of
> dependencies an I cannot install kde.
> Some support please.
> Thks n brgds
> Miguel
> What I did immediately after installing woody was:
> 0. Use default sources from Debian installer.
> 1. Select [X] and [desktop] categories in tasksel and then skip dselect
> (and
> answer all questions after that).
> 2. apt-get remove --purge libqt2 libarts libmimelib
> 3. Add a line like this to /etc/apt/sources.list
> deb http://ftp.rutgers.edu/pub/kde/stable/latest/Debian/ woody main
> 4. Then, do something like this:
> apt-get install kdelibs4 kdm kdebase
> After this you should be able to apt-get install any other KDE package
> you
> need easily. This may not be the most elegant way to have KDE3 on woody,
> but
> in my experience it requires minimal number of keys pressed from the
> first
> boot to having usable KDE3 desktop ;-).
> Good luck,
> Slaven
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