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Switching between applications is broken after some time

I am really at a loss here...

Somehow my installation of KDE got corrupt, after I work for some time with
my KDE Desktop, switching between applications using <ALT> <TAB> is broken
and behaves really strange. 

When I press <ALT><TAB>, the Application-Menu with "move", "resize", ... is
shown instead of the dialog with all the application icons in the center of
the screen. Even stranger, if I press a mouse button while still holding
<ALT>, the correct dialog is shown and I can step through the applications
by pressing <TAB> while holding <ALT> down and switch to any application
when releasing <ALT>, just as I would expect. 

This is really annoying, as I use my PC very "keyboard oriented" and I am
stunned every time this behaves so strange.

After I restart the machine, it works for some time (e.g. 1 hour, ...). 

Using <ALT><TAB> worked before even if the machine was running for a long
time, I am not sure what I did to cause this.

I upgraded to the Nvidia-X Drivers recently, could this be the cause for

My system-config:

KDE 3.1.2 Debian/unstable, X-Free 4.3.0

Any hint what might be wrong or where I should start looking? I already
searched with google and bugs.kde.org, nothing!

Thanks... Dominik.

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