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Changing kdeprint options per job

I seem to recall that, when printing to my colour inkjet, I would have the
option to change things like resolution, paper type, etc., on a job-by-job
basis, from the print dialogue. So, if I changed from glossy photo paper
to plain paper, I could set this from the KDE print dialogue that would
come up when I clicked "print" in my application.

I noticed recently that, instead of getting the numerous paper options I
used to be able to choose from a long list of paper types ("Plain Paper",
"Photo Quality Inject Paper", "Ilford Heavy Paper" and about a dozen
others) the paper type in the settings dialogue only has two options;
"Plain Paper" and "Transparency". There is also no option at all to change
the resolution (i.e., from the default 360x260 to 1440x720 or something
else more suitable for photo printing).

These options are available when setting up the printer driver intially,
but I assume I shouldn't need to reinstall the driver every time I need to
change from matte to glossy paper in the printer.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the printer, thinking this might help. One
think I have noticed in the initial setup is that there is an additional
option I don't recall seeing before, "Controlled by Printout Mode". Not
sure what that means. I had a look in the kdeprint manual, but couldn't
find anything on point.

I can't pin down exactly when I lost this option, as I don't use this
printer very often and do periodic updates to the box. I am running
current unstable w. KDE 3.1.2, using CUPS. The printer is an Epson C40UX
inkjet, and I am using the Foomatic + gimp-print-ijs driver.


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