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Re: Suddenly I got gnome2 with kde toolbar when I chose kde3 in kdm

On Thursday 03 July 2003 19:53, Andre Schaefer wrote:
> Especially try to spot nautilus, as this draws the desktop background,
> doesn't it? At least it was resposible for similar effects on my system
> recently.

Ok, I have nautilus in very many copies even after a normal reboot. What did I 
do that invited Nautilus to take over my KDE3 desktop? I want Gnome2 and KDE3 
to live in peace with each other and depending on my setting in the kdm 
login. (I did ask apt-get to install gnome2 some weeks ago but did not want 
it to take the control over kde and I cannot remember any question giving me 
that option either.)


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