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re: apt-get -b source compile problems

> now that I have gcc-3.2 I am trying to rebuild athlon-xp optimized packages
> from SID KDE3.1, but every kde package I try to compile ends with a
>  <file>.moc file not found error :(
>konq_popupmenu.cc:788:30: konq_popupmenu.moc: No such file or directory

Had the same problem trying to recompile on the Alpha with -mieee.  Looked 
into it and discovered that the KDE guys extended the automake with a perl 
script in the admin directory (admin/am_edit).

Running this script adds in the required fields to the Makefile.in files to 
make the moc (meta object code -- for the signal/slot stuff) files.  There 
seems to be some script stuff to handle it automatically if you're pulling 
off the cvs tree -- maybe that's why the maintainer doesn't have any 
problems.  Anyway, here's what I did to compile.

1: cd /usr/src
2: apt-get source <file>
3: cd <source-dir>
4: dpkg-buildpackage
5: admin/am_edit
6: dpkg-buildpackage -nc

4: This will bomb out on the moc errors, but is need to get configure run and 
the initial Makefile.in files made.
5: This does the KDE hacks to the Makefile.in files.
6: This builds the package skipping the configuration (which was done by 4, 
doing it again would overwrite the Makefile.in files we just patched).

Hope that helps!  -T

 Tyson Whitehead  (-twhitehe@uwo.ca -- WSC-)
 Computer Engineer                        Dept. of Applied Mathematics,
 Graduate Student- Applied Mathematics    University of Western Ontario,
 GnuPG Key ID# 0x8A2AB5D8                 London, Ontario, Canada

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