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soundserver lock-up


A few weeks ago I upgraded from sarge/Ralph Nolden's 3.1-debs to sid/ official 
debs. Ever since then, I have intermittent sound-problems. The symptom is, 
that when a sound should be played (seems to me, like it's usually the first 
time a particular application tries to play a sound), the system locks up 
completely for a few seconds, then a message-box appears: "Sound server fatal 
error: CPU overload. Aborting" (not sure on the exact wording, but this comes 
The problem is not exactly reproducable, but occurs quite frequently - on 
average every other session. I never had any problems of this kind with 
testing/RN-debs. Now, since I did a large upgrade on most packages between 
that, I'm wondering, whether the problem is directly related to arts, some 
other package, or something gone wrong with my upgrade. So before submitting 
a bug report, I was going to ask, whether anybody on this list has seen this 
problem, too, or has an idea, where it might come from.
Let me know, if you need any further information.


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