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Re: Using mutt + kmail

On Thursday 26 June 2003 08:51 am, Jens Benecke wrote:
> Hi,
> I like KMail for its GUI. I use mutt primarily (because I often read mail
> remotely via SSH), but I'd like to use KMail when working locally. I
> realize I'd have to
> - let KMail recreate its index files each time it starts up,
> - accept that KMail apparently cannot handle PGP/MIME correctly yet,
> Anything else? I use mbox files and I don't plan on changing this (with my
> mail volume, maildir is about 10x as slow when using mutt...)

Have you considered using imap?  Works fine with mutt and kmail, you can use 
procmail for filtering (or sieve, if you use cyrus), and you don't have to 
worry about index files, et. al.

Oh, and PGP/MIME works fine, you just need to add the right plugins.  There 
should be some instructions lying around somewhere.  A google search for 
debian&aegypten&kmail should do the trick.

"Sorry about the whole 'bomb' thing" - Bruce Rollins

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