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Re: =?iso-8859-2?Q?Somebody=20compile=20KDE=203.2.1=20with=20Qt=203.2.0b????=

On 26.Jun 2003 - 11:42:04, Lukasz Lesniak wrote:
> I use Debian Woody with gcc 2.95.4
> I compile, after many days, new Qt. But I have many 
> problems with KDE 3.1.2 compiling.
> The problems are like this:
> ".libs/dcopclient.o: In function 
> `DCOPClient::applicationRegistered(QCString const &)':
> .libs/dcopclient.o(.text+0x8809): undefined reference to 
> `static_QUType_varptr' "
> undefined reference ...
> Somebody successfully compile and install KDE?

Hmm, that looks like you did not clean up the KDE stuff before
compiling, or you're mixing the self compiled QT3.2.0b with the
system ones (or do you not have qt installed via apt-get?). This is a
real problem, I could not compile kde3.1.2 using a selfcompiled qt
(3.1.1 i think), as the uic segfaulted. This was caused by the Qt3.1.1
version that was installed from the package system, the 2 qt-mt
libraries somehow struggled with each other when a program loaded them.


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		-- Vincent Sardi, Jr.

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