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An oddity in KDE2 to KDE3 upgrade

I have recently upgraded a number of machines from Debian testing (running
KDE 2.2) to unstable (running 3.1.2).  On all of them I have notices one minor
glitch.  It may be because of something odd in my configuration so I am 
reluctant to open a bug as getting detail on it is difficult as it only 
happens the once when upgrading.

I normally have my KPanel to the right of the screen, and after these 
upgrades the taskbar disappears.  The only way to get it back is to 
go into KPanel configuration and put it back on the right.  Then it 
works just fine and all the other settings are retained correctly.  I 
have not noticed this on users who left KPanel at the bottom.

Has anyone else noticed this behaviour?



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