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Re: In woody wdm garbles list of window managers, shows only a few

TR wrote:

I am using wdm to login to X, but it shows only a few of the possible window managers. However, all of them are there:

Line from /etc/X11/wdm/wdm-config:

DisplayManager*wdmWm:         afterstep:amiwm:asclassic:blackbox:default:enlightenment:fluxbox:flwm:fvwm2:fvwm95:gnome-session:gwm:icewm:icewm-lite:ion:kde2:larswm:lwm:metacity:olvwm-x-window-manager:olwm-x-window-manager:pwm:qvwm:ratpoison:sapphire:sawfish:twm:uwm:wm2:wm2:wmaker:xfwm

When the dropdown menu slides, it makes a mess at the line corresponding to `icewm`. I suppose that in the configuration somewhat there is a limit to the number of window managers that can be displayed. I have no idea about how to fix it. Anyone knows how?

So far, kdm seems to be the best in terms of options to login (window managers). The problem I had with it was that it consistently failed to present a few of the window managers. This question is anotherone I would like to know how to fix.

This may help ....

Go into KDE, control center
Add a session type "eg fluxbox"

vi /etc/kde2/kdm/kdm.options
delete generate-sessiontypes

I had window managers disppearing because KDM tries to work out what window managers you have and gets it wrong. Doing the above lets you specify manualy.

Good Luck

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