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Starting KDE from gdm?

I just installed kde 3.1.2 from download.kde.org on top of a pretty
stock woody distro.  I didn't install kdm.  The problem is that kde
isn't offered as a login session under gdm.  I don't know much about
configuring gdm, but there is a script under /etc/gdm/Sessions called
"KDE" that looks like it ought to start kde.  However, gdm seems to be
ignoring that.  Under the session menu in the gdm login screen I have:

 - Last
 - Gnome
 - Gnome Chooser
 - Debian
 - Xsession
 - Failsafe Gnome
 - Failsafe xterm

Does anyone know how to get KDE to show up on this list (and presumably
then to run)?

BTW, gdm is the original woody version.  Also, I had to upgrade my XFree
to 4.2 because of my video card.  I used the xfree packages from:


I also installed woody using the 2.2.20 kernel and then upgraded to
2.4.18 using the kernel-source package.  Those are the major mods I've
done since the installation.



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