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Re: Problem with Luxi mono font.

Maurizio Colucci writes:

> Hello, if you have debian SID (but also if you don't), could you
> please make the following test?

> apt-get install ttf-xfree86-nonfree

> And see if KDE recognizes Luxi Mono.
> 1) Kde-control-panel -> Appearance&themes -> fonts -> fixed-width
> Does the font appear in the list? On my system (SID), it doesn't
> (bug).

It doesn't here..

> 2) Does it appear in the general list?
>   Kde-control-panel -> Appearance&themes -> fonts -> general
> on my system (SID), it does (no bug).

It does here..

> Now please tell me which distro you are using: sid, sarge, woody.


Out of curiosity: what do you need this information for ?


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