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Kmail crypto plugin and Pine - FIX

I don't know if this is a globally usable solution, but with a fair amount
of detective work, we've determined the problem with some users being able to 
use Pine to read pgp/mime messages (kmail with crypto plugin) and other users
not being able to use Pine is a function of the ~/.procmailrc file.  It took a 
while figure out what the difference was between 'working pine' and 
'non-working pine' since the answer wasn't directly related to pine, gpg, the 
pine filters, of the plugin itself.  If ~/.procmailrc contains the same lines 
that Mutt uses for pgp/gpg messages, even with Mutt not installed, Pine with 
the pgp4pine display filter will process mail generated with Kmail using 
either the inline, or plugin means of encrypting messages.
if ~/.procmailrc has the following, all seems to work fine:

:0 fw
* ^Content-Type: multipart/encrypted
| formail -i "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=US-ASCII"



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