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Kmail crypto plugin and Pine

While this doesn't seem to be a KDE or Kmail problem,  since Kmail is part of 
the equation I'll pose the question/problem here.   We have set up a mostly 
stable Woody machine but with KDE 3.1.2, and added the Kmail crytpo plugin
all built from the required sources.  From this machine, everything functions
exactly as it should when using the plugin, encrypting/signing/decrypting etc.
The problem is on the recipient's end.  The majority of their users work in a 
non-X environment and use Pine as their mail program. Of the 7 accounts there 
that we send mail to, 3 of them have trouble with Pine being able to directly 
access the plugin encrypted mail we send.  In all cases, using the inline 
gpg, all users with Pine (and the pgp4pine filter) are able to work with the 
email directly in Pine as always.  4 of the users have no trouble with mail 
sent with the crypto plugin, it works exactly the same no matter which method 
we use to encrypt or sign a message.  With the other 3 users, a plugin 
encrypted mail appears as a "file type unknown", thus Pine and pgp4pine 
doesn't automagically bring up gpg to do the passphrase/decrypt/display
of the message.  The messages appear as 2 parts, a "version info" and a "PGP 
encrypted" type.  The message can be saved, the they can shell down and run 
gpg on the saved message and all works.  I have personally gone onsite and 
checked the Pine, gpg, and pgp4pine configurations, and all are identical 
(specific user and server info being unique for a particular user).  I even 
tried copying the rc and conf files from a working machine to non-working one 
changing only the user specific info but the problem is still there.  I tried 
deleting the .pgp4pine-cache file as suggested in another list, but it didn't 
help.  I see nothing different between machines, yet 3 of them just can't 
recognize the plugin generated messages.  The 'fix' for now is remembering 
which users have problems, and remembering to use the inline instead of the 
plugin for them.  Of course, we usually don't remember that until after the 
message as been sent.  All 7 of the machines on the receiving end are Debian 
100% stable Woody boxes with a 2.4.20 kernel, Pine 4.55, and pgp4pine 1.76.
I see nothing different in mail related configurations on any of the machines, 
everything appears equal.  If anyone was able to follow along with this 
long-winded message and has any ideas, they are very much appreciated!


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