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Konqueror and SSL - how do I make it work?

Hi people - I'm not on this list - please CC:me

I recently tried KDE and found that it was very good. I find konqueror
particularly satisfactory as it does a reasonable impersonation of MC when
file browsing.

However The absence of SSL support is giving me a lot of grief at the
moment. I've googled around a bit and looked at man pages and debian
readme's but I can't work out what I need to do to make it work. I am
assuming that it can be made to work under Debian?

I'm running testing. Konq verion is 4:2.2.2-14. If I go to View-security I
get 'SSL support is not enabled in this version of Konqueror'.

I can find no 'konqueror-ssl' package.
Messages from last year tell me I need to install kdelibs3-crypto but that
only seems to exist in stable. What is needed for Testing?

Newer messages suggest that kdelibs3 needs libssl0.9.6 installed (it's a
recommends). Seems fair enough. But I've got that installed. I've also got

Is there some option somewhere that I need to turn on to make this work? The
whole thing does seem to be rather newbie-proof?

Any clues most welcome.


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