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Re: Packaging very large i18n material

On Montag, 9. Juni 2003 03:46, Ben Burton wrote:
> Hi.  I'd love some input here on the packaging of very large i18n
> components of software.  The specific case at hand is koffice, which
> still doesn't ship with i18n files.  I'd love to get this sorted out.
> The problem is that there is a *lot* of i18n material provided with
> koffice.  There are translations for 37 different languages, coming to a
> total 21.7Mb.
> The question is how to actually package it.  All of the available
> options have clear drawbacks.  The options as I see it are as follows.

> 1) Build a single koffice-i18n binary package.
> This is bad because each non-US user will be required to download all
> 21Mb of translations for 37 languages just to get their own language,
> quite a big ask for users with slower/limited net connections.
> 2) Build 37 different koffice-i18n-lang binary packages (like kde-i18n).
> This is bad because we add another 37 binary packages to the archives.
> This is also not a solution that generalises since if we did this
> for every package in the archive that provides i18n files our package
> list would get completely out of hand.
> 3) Include koffice i18n files in the individual kde-i18n-lang packages.
> This is bad because koffice and kde are on different release cycles.
> It's also bad because it means I have to ask Noel (the kde-i18n maintainer)
> to do this job.
> 4) Don't ship koffice i18n files at all.
> I don't need to explain why this is bad.  It's also the current
> situation, which I'd like to rectify.
> And so I honestly don't see a good solution to this.  Can I please have
> some opinions on which of these solutions is least bad?

2). I've build the koffice-i18n packages in the same way that the kde-i18n 
packages are. That avoids 37 source packages at least but only gives you the 
languages. Also it scales much better because you just have to take the 
kde-i18n package's debian dir and change it accordingly to spit out 
koffice-i18n-* packages. That's the way things are handled since koffice 1.2 
and if we continue this way we won't break upgrading for those who have 
koffice installed on woody.


> Ben. :)

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