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Re: KDE Installation with 2.4.18

>> I upgraded my kernel to 2.4.18 and I added the KDE source to my
>> sources.list, did an update, and apt ignored it...  All that i can
>> is kde 2.x.,  but i want 3.1.2.  Am I doing something wrong or am i
going to
>> have to install by source since i upgraded the kernel? (please no.....)
>What KDE "source" did you add to your /etc/apt/sources.list file?  It
>makes a difference if your other sources are "stable" or "testing" and
>your KDE source is "unstable".  You cannot normally "mix" Debian dists
>unless you do some additional config for apt.  This has nothing to do
>with your kernel upgrade, but everything to do with apt config.  What
>messages are you getting when you do an "apt-get update" regarding the
>new source?
Just to point out another, non-official source:

Ralf Nolan had back-ported KDE3 to Woody as part of a work project. This
was later move to KDE's own web site, where is is now updated to include
KDE-3.1.2 for Woody. So, it is possible to run KDE-3.1.2 on a Woody system
without the usual problems of trying to mix stable and unstable libs. This
also gets around the problems of different versions of GCC being used to
compile the different libs.

I don't have the actual source site as I'm at work, but I have used it to
update my woody system so I know it works.


      John Gay

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