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Re: Packaging very large i18n material

Le Lundi 9 Juin 2003 15:25, Ben Burton a écrit :
> Ah, okay, I wasn't entirely clear on the kde-i18n-lang option.  What I
> meant by this is that kde-i18n-lang would be updated for both KDE and
> KOffice releases, and would include code taken from both branches as
> appropriate.  e.g., when KOffice 1.3 is released, even though KDE 3.1.2
> stays the same, a new upload of kde-i18n is made with new koffice
> translations.

So, if you put all kde translations in kde-i18n-**, you will have to do this 
with the others kde apps which have a different release cycle.

For example : a new version of k3b is released. You have to take the new 
k3b.po and re-upload kde-i18n.

If I want to upgrade k3b, I have to download i18n-xy just for k3b.po

And the users would have to always keep the last stable version of every kde 
apps they want.

And what if I want to keep an old koffice with the last kde ?

Option 3 is very not modular... I also vote for option 2.

> This is of course a mess to sort out since the apps are on different
> release cycles.  That is the big problem with option 3.
> b. :)

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