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Re: Konsole fonts problem

On Thu, 15 May 2003 19:52:02 -0500, CRH Combobulated:

> Hello, KDE lovers,
> I have recently installed KDE 3.1.1 from Debian sid. Since then I have
> developed a problem with Konsole fonts which is:
> I can't change the font size by Setting > Font Tiny,Normal,etc. These
> choices are all the same size which is the same as the Unicode setting. I
> am able to change the font with the custom setting.

Well, I just did some apt-getting from a Debian sid server and am now
running konsole 3.1.2. The 'Setting > Font Tiny,Normal,etc.' problem seems
to have been fixed - I can change the font sizes now, however, Settings >
Font > Linux or Settings > Font > Unicode are hosed. Both show a Klingon
font that I have installed.

Any advice?........ flames?......poetry?........... 


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