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Re: korn and port 995

Dnia pią 6. czerwca 2003 22:35, Slaven Peles napisał:

> I want korn to monitor my pop-over-ssl mail account, which uses port 995.
> However if I try to configure korn to use this port it simply freezes. Can
> korn check pop accounts that use ssl or something is wrong at my end? I'm
> using woody with KDE 3.1.2 and Bunk's XFree v4.2.1-3. Any help is welcome.

As far as i know korn don't support pop3 over ssl but there is a very simple 
workaround for it. I use stunnel for it.

apt-get install stunnel
run it like this:
stunnel -c -d -r ip_of_your_mail_server:995
then configure korn to connect to on port 110 with your mail login 
and password.

It works fine for me :)

Szymon Janc // szymon#janc.int.pl // GG 1383435

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