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Thanks for your hard working on kde package for debian , here are some suggestion from myself

Hi , thanks for your hard working on kde package for debian , it's
really good
I think it could be better , here are my suggestions :

I think if any part of the entire new version kde package is not ready ,
we may keep the whole kde packages in old version
ex: current kde stable version is 3.1.2 , and if any parts of the new
kde 3.1.2 packages is not ready , the entire kde packages may stay at
kde 3.1.1 , in order to keep the dependency well

but currently , it's not , some parts of the kde 3.1.2 packages are in
sid packages , but some of the others are still kde 3.1.1 packages
this will break the dependency for users who just install a new  sid box
and would like to setup kde with command apt-get install kde

I think it's better to upgrade the entire kde new version packages in
one time

Thanks for your reading , and sorry for interrupt

Best Regards
Damon Ho (damon_ho@taimide.com.tw)
System Administrator
Tel:889-3-5896088 ext 871
Taimide Technology Incorporation
No. 127, Wender Rd., ShinPu Jen, ShinChu, Taiwan 305, R.O.C.

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