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Re: KDE and CUPS

Antiphon wrote:
I have been tangling with CUPS in KDE over the weekend to no avail to get it to print to my HP printers using the hpijs driver. I'm running sid and for some reason, KDE crashes every time it trys to access info on a CUPS printer.

Has anyone else had these problems with the Sid KDE? Every other program works fine...

I ran across this about a week ago here on a mixed SID/SARGE system running KDE 3.1.1. The KDE Crash Handler kept saying something was amiss in libc6.so (or something like that). I had the libc6 from SARGE installed... version 2.3.1-16 I think. When I upgraded to version 2.3.1-17 from SID, CUPS started working OK for me!

Dunno if this is your problem or not... just thought I would mention it.

-Don Spoon-

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