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Re: KDE and smartx Window Manager

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On Wednesday 14 May 2003 17:15, GenomeJB@aol.com wrote:
> Just installed  debian and KDE, first experience with Linux.  Had video
> problem using KDE, though (only 640x400), and started over with a new
> motherboard.

you choose the hard way using debian as the first distribution - but you will 
shurely learn a lot by using debian.

> Question: smartx allows easy installation of new packages.  Can I use

sorry never heard about smartx - use the distributions packaging system to 
install software - apt-get is your friend

> wmaker Window Manager for one user, and KDE for another user?

Yes of course, just install WindowMaker or whatever and select it in the KDM 
login screen.

>  Would I want to do that? 

can't tell. if you have fun configuring two desktops instead of one :-)
i personally just use another WM (blackbox in my case) when i need to login as 
root - but normaly kdesu <appname> workes good enought to avoiud root logins.

>How would I install packages using KDE?

kpackage - has pretty good support for dpkg/apt-get

> Sorry for dumb questions, but can't find answers browsing, and no one to
> ask.

can't believe that you didn't find anything ;-)
quick google: "installing packages kde"


BTW: Pleas DO NOT send HTML mails to mailinglists - use plaintext -> less data 
- - same information
it's the best feature of kmail being not able to send html mails :-)

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