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Re: uni-stuttgart.de kills my system

Here, with a woody base and kde3.1.1a works ok.

I'm sorry, but probably you have something wrong ...

A Dimecres 14 Maig 2003 13:06, Wolfgang Mader va escriure:
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> hello,
> if i surf to www.uni-stuttgart.de/ueberblick/ my system allways freezes.
> Nothin gives respons. The whole kde ist frozen. I am not able to switsch
> the desktop or go to console. After a wile the internetradio stoppes
> playing. By logging in from another machine, ssh is still available I found
> out the Xfree86 eates97% of the cpu. The rest is taken by normal
> userprocesses. So I think this pages causes something which brings XFree86
> in trouble. Is this a item for a buglist and if yes which one.
> thank you
> wolfgang
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