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Re: Problem with printing in konqueror?

Achim Bohnet wrote:

Hi Don,

Did you check the difference between the old cups settings and the
new ones?  If we can't track down this problem every(?) upgrade may
break cups.  Not good for debians or cups' reputation ;)


Actually, I havn't in a detailed, lin-by-line manner. I did a cursory scan and saw that there were some new commands in the new cupsd.conf that were not present in the old one from "testing". I really haven't had the time or energy to go deeper.

I DO have the old cupsd.conf file around (I saved it), and also have a moderately "clean" cupsd.conf file on other computers that could act as a baseline for all my edits. Guess I could do the scut-work and make the comparisons. Time to brew up some coffee and post-pone a few "combat naps" and get to work <grin>. I can forward the files to anyone who might want to put a second set of eyes on it. I am NOT a "programmer" so maybe someone better qualified than I should look also.

BTW, I use the KDE config "wizzard" almost exclusively to set up CUPS. I mention this because this introduces another possible variable into the problem. I started off with KDE from Debian "Stable" and upgraded almost immediately to the version in "testing". I have been following that version until about 2 weeks ago, when I upgraded to KDE 3.1.1 from "ustable". The CUPS config wizzard has changed along the way, and I really don't know if those changes contributed to what I saw. All I can say for sure is that the current KDE 3.1.1 from "unstable" works OK for me with CUPS from "unstabe" starting from the packager's version of cupsd.conf. The version currently in "testing" seems to me to be broken with respect to setting up a LAN server. Config of a local printer is OK.

-Don Spoon-

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